The Go-To Guide for Buying a Home

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Getting to Know The Home Buying Process

  • Understanding the local real estate market
  • Determining your budget and getting pre-approved
  • Paying for your new home

Finding and winning your dream home

  • Must-have features
  • Determining where you want to live
  • Making the most of showings
  • Making an offer
  • The ins and outs of contingencies

Path to closing: You’re (almost) a homeowner

  • What if your first (or second or third) offer isn’t accepted?
  • Inspections: An important ‘insurance’ policy
  • Appraisal and loan approval
  • Preparing for your move
  • The closing process
  • Insuring your new home
  • Closing time. It’s really here.

Congratulations: You’re a homeowner

  • Tips to make your move easier
Home Buying Guide Ellen Able Realty
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